At Prestige Group we strategically support International Women’s Day and the international theme 2023 #EmbraceEquity. We celebrate all women in all their diversities, and we wish for a world free of bias and stereotypes where all differences are valued. As part of our social corporate responsibility this year we urge everyone to understand the difference between gender equality and equity, join the conversation and stand for a more inclusive world which requires equitable action. IWD 2O23 focuses in explaining why equal opportunities are not enough as people are given the same resources and opportunities and this is wrong. At Prestige Group we embrace equity which recognizes that each person has different needs and circumstances, so it’s crucial to allocate the resources and opportunities needed for each person to be successful and thrive.

International Women's Day

At Prestige Group, we believe that our esteemed clientele regardless sex, are citizens of the world and this is how we position our brand and our products. We embrace equity as part of our identity and company culture and we take action towards change as we value and respect individual differences. We encourage women into leadership roles, stand for equal representation and promote diversity. We promote services specially designed for the modern family (for men and women alike) e.g. “The kids transportation services by Prestige” so that working parents can focus at their work. Moreover, throughout our campaigns we support fair and respectful representation of women through media.

If you wish to be part of the positive change we stand for, you can contact Prestige Group at +357 25 322055 or email

*The companies participating at IWD 2023 campaign #embraceequity are: Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar, Arto Estates and 4Buy&Sell.