Prestige Group continues its commitment to CHD Awareness on February 14th, standing with the Heart Warriors!

Prestige Group, in line with its corporate responsibility ethos, remains a loyal supporter of the #CHD awareness initiative for the last six years “In support of all the HEART warriors”. The objective remains genuine and more relevant than ever: to shed light on this pressing issue and encourage support for the Pediheart association. This year’s bracelets in support of the PediHeart Association can be purchased directly from the association for the price of 10 euros each and we urge you to join us to the cause!

February is designated as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month, with the 14th specifically marked as International CHD Day. CHD stands as the primary birth defect among children, urging Prestige Group to continue championing awareness efforts, emphasizing the need to educate both researchers and the public about this condition. February 14th serves as an agonizing reminder of the ongoing battle faced by those living with CHD, necessitating lifelong specialized care.

Speaking on behalf of Prestige Group, Mrs. Valentina Prastiti, the Chief Operating Officer, underscores the Group’s loyal commitment to corporate social responsibility, stating, “At Prestige Group, we hold corporate social responsibility in high regard, consistently supporting noble causes that contribute to a better society. We invite you to join us in our mission and become ambassadors of positive change. We advocate for enhanced professional services for affected children and their families, expanded educational programs and in-hospital support initiatives among others. We stand in solidarity with the efforts of the “Σύνδεσμος Γονέων και Φίλων Παιδιών με Καρδιοπάθειες”- “Pediheart Association Cyprus,” and encourage everyone to participate in this noble act of social contribution by volunteering at +357 22 315196.”

This year, the companies operating under the umbrella of Prestige Group participating in the campaign include: Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar , Arto Estates  and 4Buy & Sell Sell

Be a volunteer in support of all the heart warriors today at  and at +357 22315196.