Prestige Group and Parklane Resort & Spa have joined their voices to spread their message as they actively support the #BHD2021 and the key prevention programme “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health”.

The target is to raise awareness for the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and being breast aware. The European Breast Cancer Coalition holds Breast Health Day on 15th of October every year, to inform people of all ages that lifestyle factors play an important role in the prevention and recurrence of breast cancer as well as the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Mammography screening is essential and widely accepted as the best method to detect breast cancer at early stages. Advise your doctor for this critical issue and become familiar with your breasts. React immediately if you notice any changes or abnormalities. If you have a family history of breast cancer arrange regular check-ups.

Studies have shown that a third of all breast cancer cases could have been prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being alert and updated of this crucial health issue, keeping yourself active, eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a normal body weight are important factors for breast health. The 2021 Breast Health Day campaign “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health” aims to remind women to take care of themselves all year around.

As active supporters of social initiatives, Prestige Group and Parklane Resort & Spa, consistently support corporate social responsibility actions, aiming to improve our lives and the society we live in, women and men alike.

  • “Get informed; Pass it on” Ioannidou Louisa |Senior Director of Operations, Parklane

  • “The Best Protection Is Early Detection” Valentina Prastiti| COO, Prestige Group

  • “Get A Breast Self-exam Today” Stella Englezou | Human Resources Specialist, Parklane

  • “No One Should Fight Alone”  Valanto Spyrou  | CEO,  Arto Estates

  • “Giving Up Is Not An Option” Gerali Tanya| Social Media Specialist, Parklane

  • “Supporting The Fighters” Marina Kokolaki | CFO, Prestige Group

  • “Self-care can save your life” Kezika Jekaterina |Guest Relations Officer, Parklane

  • “Fight The Fight, Find The Cure” Irene Hadjiantoni | UK University Representative, Prestige VIP Services

  • “Early Detection Is Fundamental” Stylianou Maria |Loss Prevention Officer, Parklane

  • “Admiring The Survivors” Maria Socratous | Accountant, Prestige Group

  • “I hope – I fight – I will win” Dimosthenous Marina| Housekeeping Supervisor, Parklane

  • “Never Give Up Hope” Jenni Korhonen | Sales Executive, Prestige VIP Services