All over the world, companies are trying to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. As a first reaction the priority has been the safety and health of employees and families. Very fast, it became extremely important to adjust to the new circumstances, then we needed to reevaluate and shape future expectations.

We believe that the pandemic has pushed for more out of the box experiences and the need of human interaction became more important than ever. The luxury services industry is struggling to reinvent itself as the acquiring of luxury products does not seem to be a priority, whilst the experiential luxury and a personalized digital experience are the new trends.

Throughout our long-standing presence in the industry, we strongly believe that 2021 is a year that Prestige VIP Services in Cyprus can lead the luxury services game through investing in innovative experiences from A to Z, including premium business services for sophisticated people who wish to invest in or through Cyprus.

Prestige VIP Services can be your trusted partner in locating real business opportunities and bespoke property solutions, achieving investment maximization. We provide tailor made packages under strict health and safety protocols. From exquisite private accommodation arrangements, exclusive top of market property viewing, to private shopping with professional stylists and unique entertainment experiences, providing world class service all the way. At the same time, we are proud of our inhouse luxury car fleet which we continue updating regularly with the latest models of top luxury brands and our 24/07 concierge services comprised of a multilingual team of experts.

We are going through a very challenging period and at Prestige Group we take all necessary steps to safeguard the well being of all our employees and maintain the highest level of service throughout our companies. We will emerge stronger because we owe it to our loyal clientele, which shows us trust and love the last 15 years.